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We at Delta Plumbing & Heating adhere to the highest standards set by the industry. Our plumbers are always prepared to handle any plumbing repairs or replacements you may need. We promise to deliver the best outcome!

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Drains & pipes is our reliable duo, serving all our immediate plumbing needs daily. Because of the tremendous workload on the drain line, there are a few sparse cases when everything goes well. Different cloggings and malfunctions are always waiting for their golden opportunity to appear in your comfortable dwelling and ruin your plans.

Sewer repair – DIY or not to DIY? That’s a question!

It is no secret that many people try to fix the problem on their own in the event of a breakdown of plumbing equipment. According to statistics, most who want to fix something without professional intervention live in post-Soviet countries. They do not particularly trust this work to skilled workers, and by the way, it is in vain.

So why don’t we advise you to resort to self-repair?

  • Lack of special education. In this world, everyone should do what they do best. Only then can the best result be achieved. Our guys have special certificates and licences, for which they have been striving for many years. Therefore, it is not that scary to entrust plumbing work of any complexity.
  • Unpleasant harm. One wrong move with an unprofessional intervention in the sewer line can lead to consequences that, in 99% of cases, will require the emergency drain repair of a local plumber. Therefore, in order not to aggravate the situation, it is worth contacting professionals in their field in the event of even a minor breakdown.
  • Lack of special equipment. Any professional equipment in all the areas is always created to eliminate breakdowns as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. But such equipment is often produced in limited quantities and requires a highly professional approach. There are many methods and approaches to troubleshooting sewage difficulties that can quickly and “painlessly” fix everything that caused you inconvenience.
  • An unnecessary expense! Self-directed actions are very often much more expensive.
  • Your safety comes first! Outdoor sewer repair work requires a highly professional approach. There have been cases where sewer users themselves searched for the sewer but instead found gas pipes. And as you understand, such a discovery does not lead to anything good. Also, your pipes may contain various substances that can harm your health and the environment.

In all the plumbing difficulties, you can fully rely on our local Delta Plumbing & Heating team in your city. Further, you can familiarize yourself with all our methods of repairing and replacing your sewer pipes and drains.

Trenchless sewer line repair

It is essential to get work done quickly and almost invisibly to the client’s eyes in the service sector. Until a particular time in the plumbing industry, customers sighed with horror for complex broken drain repair! And for a good reason. Such works guaranteed a commotion in the courtyard of the house and adjacent territories.

We have been living for more than twenty years in the twenty-first century, where plumbing technologies allow you to quickly repair a pipe underground with minimal penetration into the soil. In plumbing terminology, such techniques are called trenchless.

This method is quite economical when compared to traditional approaches. This is not surprising since conventional techniques also imply partial destruction of your property.

Another great advantage of this modern way is speed. Repairing or entirely replacing a sewer with traditional methods can take several days when the trenchless strategy can do it all in a day or at most in two.

Unfortunately, trenchless drain pipe repair is practical and not feasible in all cases. All the same, in most cases, plumbers manage to fix the pipe in this way. To find out if it can be used in your home, contact our local plumbing department.

Different types of trenchless cracked drain pipe repair

  • Slip Lining. We started with this method for a reason. In the history of plumbing, it is considered the most “ancient” in the whole trenchless family. The first mention of it dates back to the 40s of the 20th century. Thanks to this method, the new pipeline is laid inside the existing one without damage and dismantling the old pipe. It is used to repair leaks in sewer and water pipes. This is probably the cheapest and most affordable method of all that exists. At a low cost, it demonstrates relatively high reliability and efficiency.
  • Pipe Bursting. And this process is the most interesting and the most spectacular (if, of course, we could see what is happening underground) of all existing ones. It is used to replace the pipe completely. So, first, the workers dig two holes at the two ends of the pipeline. They are called the reception pit and insertion pit. A special winch from the reception pit side inserts the connecting piece until it reaches the other end of the pipe. There, a new tube awaits her, which replaces the old one, destroying it!

So, we are convinced of the effectiveness and “painlessness” of trenchless techniques for your yard and home. When detecting global problems with sewerage, it isn’t easy to come up with a better option today. Already thousands of Canadians have become familiar with all the advantages of the method under the beautiful name trenchless. Delta plumbing & Heating is always ready to provide its clients with local drain repairs of any scale throughout Canada.

Sewer line replacement

Replacing the sewer line is a cumbersome procedure used when no ordinary repair can help. Of course, such an outcome is best avoided. And now you will learn about the main mistakes that lead to this kind of trouble.

A good beginning makes a good ending

It is imperative to pay special attention to the process of installing a still new sewer line. There is no need to design it without good experience in this area since any mistake can lead at first to common blockages, which will then transform into more extensive and more significant problems.

For instance, an incorrect angle of inclination of the pipes can lead to such an outcome, which increases the likelihood of liquid and small debris obstruction in the pipes. Also, when designing, it is worth considering the scale of the family’s needs and planning everything specifically for it.

Strength of nature

If you live in a private house with a spacious yard, then you probably love gardening. You have a lot of trees, shrubs and flowers. But did you know that simple tree roots can lead to the destruction of the pipe and the need for a complete replacement and redevelopment of your sewage line? Therefore, when installing, it is also imperative to pay attention to this aspect.

Clogging issues

Nothing affects the sewage system like the accuracy of its use. Of course, it can be challenging to avoid getting small debris like crumbs from your kitchen or bathroom. This garbage is easily handled by the flow of water, which flushes everything into the central sewer. But when large garbage from all sources enters the system chaotically, it is worth remembering the rules of operation.

  • In the kitchen, for 100% confidence in the safety of the sewage system, you can install a garbage disposal, which crushes all garbage to minor pieces.
  • It is worth remembering to avoid getting personal hygiene products and hair into the sewers in the bathroom.
  • Also, don’t forget about regular scheduled professional sewer cleanings, which you can order from our local plumbers because unprofessional cleaning of the sewage system using various chemicals jeopardizes the integrity of pipes and other sewage system components.
  • Removing blockages in the sewer on your own using equipment available to the ordinary user (for example, snaking) can also negatively affect the state of the sewer.
  • Some people find it very effective to clear blockages with regular baking soda and vinegar. Yes, this method does help, but not in all cases. It is not encouraging, but its effectiveness increases with a complete blockage of the pipe, creating an almost ideal tightness for the reaction and pressure, which pushes the debris into the central sewer.

Suppose you are not sure about the advisability of replacing the sewage system. In that case, our guys are always ready to carry out a comprehensive diagnosis of the system and, based on its results, choose a method that will 100% solve your issue.

Sewer pipe repair in basement

A crack in your pipe cannot be seen without special equipment. As in medicine, in the plumbing business, symptoms often indicate “disease.” How do you know if you need emergency drain repairs?

Of course, the first sure sign that the old pipe needs to be updated is the frequent backups in your plumbing fixtures. Strange sounds from your sewer also alert you to the need for repairs.

Sometimes you may even encounter flooding in your basement and, if you have a lawn in your yard, you may find an improvement in its quality or weeds in some areas. This is due to water leaking from the sewer into the soil.

How to resist?

We have already figured out that few people will like deep trenches in their yard in the event of a significant sewage breakdown. But even more so, few people in the event of a pipe breakdown under the foundation will be happy to destroy concrete to get to the place of malfunction. You have already learned about two of the most popular trenchless methods. Now it’s time to learn about the third, most exciting and safest – Cured-in-Place Pipelining (CIPP).

What is it?

Since it is impossible to get to the breakdown, a small hole digs out in the yard. We will describe this rather laborious process in simple words.

From the very beginning, specialists need to find the place of the breakdown. This is done using unique cameras, and they are also called Plumbing CCTV. For our guys, this is like a video game in which you need to find a villain and destroy. Then, using the technology of hydrodynamic sewage cleaning, all small impurities are removed to ensure the quality of further work. Then, solid material in a deflated form is pushed into the pipe by a particular large machine. With the help of another device, pressure is supplied, pumping this material, which exactly takes the shape of a tube.

If you come across some signs that you urgently need drain pipe repair, don’t worry. Our experts are always ready to provide high-quality sewage diagnostics and eliminate the problem, regardless of its scale.

Bathtub drain replacement

Before disassembling how to replace it, you need to understand how to prevent the problem.

We use the bathroom every day. And backups and subsequent leaks in it are often associated with all the workload on it. Therefore, during operation, it is worth remembering that you need to monitor the cleanliness of the siphon and regularly clean it.

Experts say that getting fat into the pipes also contributes to their backup. Therefore, we advise you to avoid using different oils or skin scrubs to avoid potential unpleasant consequences.

It is clear to everyone that you need to seek emergency bathroom drain repair as soon as possible in the event of a drain leaking in your apartment. After all, such a difficulty increases the chance of flooding your apartment and the dwelling of your neighbours.





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