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Water drainage problems in showers are not uncommon. This is due not only to the peculiarities of their operation but also to the design features of the shower drain. The shower drain system, in particular the siphon, is responsible for the timely outflow of water from the shower. If water does not come out of the tray or if there is a leak, the shower drain must be inspected. When noticed and reported in time, the issue can be solved rather easily.

The most typical causes of shower drain failure are:

  • Debris like hair and small objects often accumulate in the siphon; when showering, a mixture of soapy water and grease drips down there and settles on the inside wall of the drain;
  • Over time, the layer of these deposits grows thicker, and new debris is added and adheres. The drain hole gets narrower and narrower, not allowing water to pass through it;
  • Cabin leaks can be caused by mechanical damage to the drain or worn parts.

Can you handle this situation on your own? More often than not, yes. You can try to remove the clog yourself with simple actions:

  • Clean the drain grate (remove accumulated debris and soap foam);
  • Apply a plunger; if used properly, it can help you deal with even serious clogs;
  • Use a sanitary rope (keep in mind, it is not suitable for plastic pipes – there is a high probability of their damage);
  • The use of household chemicals is undesirable: aggressive composition can damage the plastic drain pipe.

Should self-cleaning of the pipe with improvised means not give positive results, it is highly recommended to consult a plumber. In some cases, the repair requires the removal of the tray and the complete replacement of the drain system. It is impossible to determine the exact cause of the breakage and qualitatively perform the repair at home without having special skills and professional equipment. The choice of repair approach depends on the causes of the damage. The identification of these factors is handled by specialists only.

Delta Plumbing & Heating is a team of professionals who are guaranteed to fix the malfunction of the drain system regardless of its severity. The main stages of repair are:

  1. Dismantling the drainage structure;
  2. Cleaning the pipe and its elements;
  3. Identification of the issue and its cause;
  4. Replacement of the deformed or damaged part;
  5. Reassembly of the drainage structure after the repair;
  6. Checking the drain for proper operation.

While repairing the drain, our specialists remove corrosion and rust and replace or restore the pan. The evident advantage of turning to our professionals is the guarantee of long-term operation of the construction after repair, as we apply the most advanced technologies to identify and fix the breakdown. For qualified and hassle-free shower drain repair choose Delta Plumbing & Heating!


A leaky shower drain is an utterly frustrating phenomenon that you need to solve as soon as possible. Often a leaking shower drain can first be noticed as water damage on the wall or ceiling in the room below. Even if you do not have neighbours who you can “flood,” the dampness in the bathroom itself is nothing pleasant.

This issue can occur for a variety of reasons, the most obvious of which is a crack in the drain that needs to be patched to stop the leak.

To eliminate leaky shower drain, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Ensuring that the leak is actually coming from the drain (to determine that the leak is coming from the shower drain and not from a broken seal between the floor and the tub, you can use a funnel and try pouring a small amount of water directly into the drain and check for any distinctive signs of a leak).
  2. Making access to the drain (look for the pipes leading to the shower; before you start cutting or disassembling anything, first place a metal tray or cloth on the floor to collect any water that may spill or leak during the process).
  3. Removing the component that caused the leak (it is usually indicated by drips or discoloration of an area; remove the drain part – the drain body, gasket or strainer – with pliers and the strainer – with a screwdriver).
  4. Shower drain replacement (remember that the broken part can only be repaired if all other parts still fit together; using a combination of old and new parts, reassemble the drain and make sure all components are securely attached).
  5. Check the drain and replace the drywall if needed.

Leaking showers can cause a number of nasty inconveniences in your home, such as damaged floors or ceilings and put your health at risk. And trying to DIY the issue can make it even worse.

The highly trained plumbers at Delta Plumbing & Heating are committed to improving the performance of your shower drain with the most up-to-date equipment and the best repair methods! With time, we have developed a steady customer base through high-quality plumbing and exceptional service. We back all of our shower repair and installation services with a warranty. So safely unburden yourself of this problem, leaving it to us!


Whether it’s a bathroom renovation or new construction, installing a shower drain and waste pipe is an integral part of building a new bathroom shower. It drains waste water away from the shower tray, helping to prevent unwanted odours or other inconveniences in your home. Here is a brief explanation of the shower drain pipe installation process:

  • choosing the location (you need to install the proper pipe model for the specific location; regardless of where the shower drain will be installed, the floor must have a slope towards the channel to allow all water to drain away);
  • calculating the shower drain height (when calculating the total depth, the tile thickness, tile adhesive layer and levelling layer are to be considered);
  • placing the built-in set (after making a place for the shower drain, the built-in set must be inserted, levelled and installed with height-adjustable feet);
  • drain pipe connection (we suggest replacing drainage pipes with a diameter of less than 50 mm; connect the shower drain to the pipe and make sure it has a sufficient slope; insert the drain into the connector – it is not necessary to glue it, as the connector provides an adequate seal);
  • watertight installation (once the screed is cured, it’s time to waterproof the shower drain; this can be done with a water barrier system);
  • placing bathroom tiles;
  • sealing the shower drain (after laying the tiles, the joint between the tile floor and the drain must be firmly sealed with an elastic sealant);
  • placing the grate cover.

Householders with little or no experience in plumbing or construction may find out that installing a shower drain pipe can be a daunting task, and it’s best to trust a licensed professional plumber to install it.

Delta Plumbing & Heating provides proficient shower repair and installation services, including drain unblocking, shower pipe installation or replacement, shower leak elimination and down the list. Contact our master plumbers for prompt, neat and proficient shower pipe installation that will last!


The drain flange is placed inside the drain to hold the plumbing fixtures in place. It is an integral part of the drain installation and must be properly fitted to reduce the risk of leaks and other complications. Flanges are made of metal, plastic blends and polymers and are offered in a variety of colours. With time, this shower drain component may become worn and need to be changed.

Depending on the construction, the drain flange can be installed by screwing or popping into the drain. When installing, the specialist applies a thin layer of plumbing putty around the edge of the drain before fitting the element into the drain. The putty guarantees a tight connection to prevent leaks and secures the flange so it won’t slide. Traps and plugs can also be installed on the flange to keep debris out of the drain and let the user close the drain while showering.

The removal technique for drain flange may differ depending on how it is installed. A bucket should be placed under the plumbing to catch any drips or leaks and enable the plumber to safely unscrew the fittings under the drain. When these fittings are loose, you can see if the flange needs to be unscrewed and removed. It’s crucial to clean the drain and reapply plumbing putty before replacing the flange to ensure a watertight seal to avoid leaks.

Installing a shower drain flange can be more complex than you might think. It requires the proper plumbing, an accurate fit, and the appropriate equipment to make everything work together. We have been dealing with showers and their component installations for decades, so we can easily handle the job in no time! Our professionals at Delta Plumbing & Heating know precisely how to replace your shower drain flange in a fast, effective and safe manner. They will examine your plumbing and guide you to the best shower installation solution based on your needs and budget!


The shower drain is a crucial element of any bathroom, as it takes the water away from the floor and directs it down the pipes into the sewer system. Proper installation is the key to the smooth operation of the shower system and the avoidance of drainage difficulties.

The most typical reason to replace a shower drain is to eliminate a leak, which usually manifests as damage to the drywall on the ceiling under the shower. Apparently, you will also have to replace the drain if you want to change the shower tray or base, or if your old drain is showing evidence of corrosion.

This job, like many other plumbing tasks, is more complicated than described because of corroded fittings. Taking out corroded fittings and re-tightening them to seal requires extra force and agility. But don’t fret – Delta Plumbing & Heating has all you need for this job to be done perfectly and smoothly!

Our specially trained technicians are prepared to replace your shower drain effectively and swiftly. We are an insured and certified plumbing and heating company delivering resolutions to your shower plumbing repair and installation needs. Most people are hesitant to call in plumbers because of the looming cost of their repairs. Luckily, Delta Plumbing & Heating offers competitive prices to replace, repair and install your shower system. Thanks to our premium but affordable service, you can always count on having your plumbing needs resolved!





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