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A clogged kitchen sink is a nasty problem, especially when it starts backing up. If not taken action upon in time, it may lead to terrible results and extensive sewer system damage. Delta Plumbing experts are proficient in solving any drain problems in a blink of an eye and provide effective help with lasting outcomes. We know that you probably have a lot of questions about why your sink is backing up, what are the reasons behind constant clogging and how to remove this plumbing problem successfully. That is why we have gathered a few of the most popular inquiries and got Delta Plumbing certified plumbers to explain them to our clients! If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us right away!

Why is my kitchen sink clogged?

Because of the amount of waste that goes through the drain daily, it is not uncommon for kitchen sinks to get clogged. This mishap can lead to unfavourable consequences such as foul smells, slow water drainage and even backups.

Fats, oils and grease, otherwise referred to as FOG, are among the most widespread reasons for sink blockages. Their sticky consistency makes it easy for these substances to build up and create an obstruction in your drain.

Next come coffee grounds. Same as FOG’s, they create a sticky mass, when mixed with water, so you probably do not want it to get into the drain. Food remains are yet another cause of clogs, which occurs quite often. Having a garburator does not fully prevent food particles from being washed down the drain. That is why it is better to throw any food remains from your plates into the bin prior to washing them. Some of the most “dangerous” products to get into the sewer system are beans, potatoes and rice, as they tend to swell in size with water.

And last but not least, if you have tried plunging, but the sink is still clogged, the problem is most probably in the p-trap. A p-trap is a curved pipe right underneath your sink that is constantly filled with water to prevent sewer gases from entering your home. Due to its shape, it becomes very easy to clog it.

These are the main reasons why a kitchen sink can get clogged. However, each case is unique. Call Delta Plumbing to receive a thorough inspection and determine the exact problem with your plumbing system.

How to unclog a kitchen sink?

A lot of websites advise using baking soda for unclogging a drain. Sometimes, it works. Nevertheless, to resolve a significant blockage, homemade methods are not powerful enough. Delta Plumbing certified plumbers use the most modern equipment like plumbing snakes and hydro-jets to clean the drain system at your apartment. Snaking is employed whenever the clog is not extensive and can be pulled out.

In case the blockage is solid, hydro-jetting is performed. Hydro-jetting utilizes a powerful stream of water aimed at the clog to break it down and wash it away. It does not only remove the jam, but also leaves your pipes spotless. Hydro-jetting uses only water without any chemicals, making the process very eco-friendly and harmless for the sewer system.

As easy as the entire process may seem, it is not recommended to try and clear significant clogging by yourself, as you can damage the drain and make the problem even worse. Delta Plumbing licensed professionals are always ready to assist you in such matters by using appropriate technologies for efficient kitchen sink cleaning.

Snaking a kitchen sink

As was described before, to clean the kitchen drain effectively, one needs to employ either snaking or hydro-jetting. Snaking is used whenever the blockage is not solid, and it is possible to either push it further down the drain until it reaches a wider pipe, or pull it out. Although snaking is not as efficient as hydro-jetting in cleaning pipes, it certainly helps to get rid of minor clogs in your kitchen sink. However, snaking will not clear the blockage completely, as the method does not provide the possibility to scrape the residue from the pipes’ sides, thus facilitating further clogging. Delta Plumbing always makes sure we use the right methods to deal with a specific problem without unfortunate consequences.

Kitchen sink clogged past trap

Pouring baking soda, vinegar or hot water into the drain is not a fruitful option when it comes to clearing a clog past the p-trap. To resolve this kind of issue, a qualified plumber would carefully unscrew the p-trap and examine it for obstructions and damage. Then, the professionals inspect the pipes nearest to the p-trap. Once the clog is located, snaking or hydro-jetting is used to get rid of it. All the procedures should be performed cautiously not to cause further breakage. Additionally, a plumber will make sure that nothing else is wrong with your piping system that may result in drain backing up or even such unpleasant problems like the washer backing up into the sink and vice-versa.

Delta Plumbing is at all times ready to help you prevent these mishaps from happening and guarantees you quality and timely service even in the middle of the night. Call us now!

How to clean a kitchen drain?

Cleaning the kitchen drain is something you should only trust a professional to perform. If you decide to do it yourself (which is highly inadvisable), you must be aware of the dreadful end results this decision may entail. An inexperienced person may easily damage the sewer system when trying to clean it, by using inappropriate tools, handling the fixtures improperly or pushing the clog further down the drain without really getting rid of it. That is why you should contact Delta Plumbing immediately if your drain starts to back up. We are available 24 hours a day and employ the most modern and updated methods to battle your plumbing problem.

Snaking and hydro-jetting are the two techniques that are most commonly used to clean the drain nowadays. This appliance makes it possible to resolve blockages of various intensities without hurting your pipes. As described above, hydro-jetting also serves as a method to make the drains immaculate and less prone to future cloggings, as it removes all the accumulated slime, residue and sludge from your drain system.

Delta Plumbing cares about our clients. That being the case, we offer drain cleaning services and arrive on the same day of your order. Our local licensed plumbers will prevent sink backing up as well as deal with the problem if it has already happened. Call us now!





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