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We at Delta Plumbing & Heating adhere to the highest standards set by the industry. Our plumbers are always prepared to handle any plumbing repairs or replacements you may need. We promise to deliver the best outcome!

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Suppose any part of the plumbing system does not function properly. In that case, it is difficult to understand how the modern person might have pleasant days in the 21st century. Despite homeowners’ best efforts globally, issues with this equipment are all too common and can take anyone by surprise. Nevertheless, a win-win decision is always available even on weekends and holidays – a team of licensed technicians from Delta Plumbing & Heating company! Stop googling “How to replace a bathroom sink drain on your own” – we can do it more effectively and promptly. To become a perfect guard for your household, more than 35 qualified plumbers provide our customers with instant solutions and conduct complicated restorations.

We’re always close by and ready to provide you with a 4-hour on-site response in an emergency. Moreover, our call center is available round-the-clock, and its managers will gladly guide your steps before the plumber’s appearance and answer any queries you may have. Be sure that we never delay the visit because plumbing issues require a “here and now” solution. With individual customer service and quality service, we have thousands of satisfied customers across Canada whose positive feedback you can read on HomeStars and Google. And thanks to valuable coupons and other promotions, restorations from our specialists won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Give us a call or book an appointment online – we are the proof that qualified assistance can be both immediate and affordable.


Unfortunately, many homeowners do not permanently pay needed attention to the professional assembly of any plumbing facilities, due to which some problems arise over time. This statement includes sink drains, whose installation or replacement may require the necessary tools and years of practice in this field. To see it for yourself, you can look at the bathroom sink drain assembly diagram and see a lot of elements – pop-up and flange to trap.

We suggest a brief review of the algorithm of the process mentioned above. First, we will install a pop-up drain using rubber, plastic rings and a nut, tightening it with slip joint pliers. Then, we will establish a P trap adapter glued to the wall. The next step is installing the trap itself, which we will discuss later in detail. In general, you will need a special kit, the parts of which are always in stock. After the work is done, we always test the system for leaks, and if we find a fault – we immediately eliminate it. In addition, you should not worry about the quality of our work, because all our services are covered by a complete labour warranty. Hiring our specialists is not only easy but also safe!

Delta Plumbing & Heating has been working correctly for more than 16 years, which shows positive feedback and a broad customer base. You don’t need to look for DIY methods to replace bathroom sink drain because we can do it professionally using needed tools and proven techniques. This means that plumbing equipment itself will serve you much longer.

How to install a pop-up sink drain in a bathroom?

As mentioned above, sink drain assembly is a complicated process that includes a pop-up stopper installation. This kind of equipment provides you with the choice to lock your drain so that it holds water. You can open and shut a drain with a pop-up drain assembly by simply pressing on it to close and open the least. This mechanism is meant to be available in two distinct configurations: “with overflow” or “without overflow.” The selection will depend on the sink itself – if it features the overflow, the drain should also have an overflow opening.

The most common reason for replacing this element is rusting. It can occur due to the type of water, lack of regular cleaning, etc. Moreover, hair and soap buildup can lead to its failure to open and close properly. There are 12 separate parts involved in the pop-up assembly; understanding each is the key to its correct installation. For example, if the stopper doesn’t move, you need to lower the pivot rod, and in the case of a drain clog – you will have to remove the clevis. Its fix or replacement requires a professional plumber’s hands, so do not rush to perform such actions yourself.

Contact Delta Plumbing & Heating for qualified help installing a bathroom sink drain with overflow at any time convenient. There’s no longer a need to put the restoration of plumbing equipment on the back burner when we can do it right away. Suppose the fix turns out to be an ineffective method of troubleshooting. In that case, we will offer you the replacement and installation of a new pop-up stopper.

How to replace the sink drain pipe in the wall?

Wanting to save money, some homeowners resort to DIY restoration methods, taking a pair of pliers in hand for the first time. Obviously, such inconvenient actions cannot lead to the desired result. If you need to replace a bathroom sink drain pipe in the wall, it may turn into leakage if the repairer did it the first time. In turn, the thoughts of replacing this plumbing equipment arise when people notice corroded drain pipes that break inside the wall. Have you seen holes and leaks developed on your copper or galvanized steel drain pipes? One initial call to Delta Plumbing & Heating will eliminate all your problems in the blink of an eye.

Usually, if drain pipes break inside the wall, there are two ways to deal with this situation. In the first case, the leaking portion of the pipe is replaced by a new one by cutting it from the opened wall. This method is not practical because it will damage your property and make you pay a fortune for such actions. The second way is to replace the dysfunctional part with a PVC plastic pipe. Even though the main part of the pipe is metal, thanks to the transition fittings or rubber couplings, a new PVC pipe will be an excellent and inexpensive solution to the problem. In any case, our plumber will carry out a comprehensive diagnosis and independently choose the option that will be both effective and suitable for you in your wallet.

The Superior Plumbing & Heating company provides its clients with a licensed and insured plumbing contractor with years of experience restoring, installing, uninstalling, and replacing, leaving the client 100% satisfied. Due to our 24/7 telephone support, receiving such services is possible on the same day or at any preferred time. You can count on our assistance at any time convenient to you.


One of the main reasons our customers seek our help is the presence of corroded pipes in their houses. It frequently happens that the metal drain pipes located below the sink are constructed from thin, low-cost metal. As a result – the rust forms in pipes, and they become corroded. Because of this, the deterioration of the integrity of the P-trap and wall pipes is only a matter of time.

In turn, we often hear the question, “how to remove corroded bathroom sink drain?”. Several DIY methods are often used to get rid of rust stains. For example, homeowners use the paste from lemon juice and salt, the famous “vinegar + baking soda” combination, hydrogen peroxide and cream of tartar etc. Also, you can use rust stain removal products, but it is essential to remember that they must be environmentally friendly. All these methods can have an excellent local effect. Still, when you need a comprehensive solution with corroded pipes, they need to be replaced by professionals.

It is no secret that corroded pipes are a great place to cause leaks. If you are already in such a situation and do not know who to contact – call our around-the-clock call center and get qualified help in the shortest possible time. Don’t get stuck in an emergency alone – consult with our Delta Plumbing & Heating call center operators so they will provide you with the first steps and more info before the technician’s arrival. Also, we offer you several restoration options to fit your budget.

How to reconnect the P-trap?

It is impossible to imagine a sink operation without an element that is extremely difficult not to notice – without P-trap. It may seem that if it is just a “curved” pipe, what can go wrong with the replacement? In fact, we often see cases where such actions by homeowners lead to massive leaks, the elimination of which is much more expensive than professional installation. So why overpay if you can immediately hire our specialist from Delta Plumbing & Heating and avoid unpleasant consequences?

The main reason many people reconnect the P-trap is those unpleasant leaks. Sometimes, the solution is to tighten a loose P-trap connection using a pair of locking pliers. But you may also have to disassemble the entire trap and rebuild it with extra pipe lengths to make the lines straight. In any case, our specialist will be able to more precisely determine the cause of the fault and offer you a way to eliminate it, which will suit you. In addition, to replace the existing P-trap, you will need a particular kit. We always have spare parts in stock, so you don’t have to wait hours for us to find the fitting spare parts.

There’s no longer a need to look for inexperienced cheap “specialists” or perform any fixes on your own when the office of Delta Plumbing & Heating company is always nearby. Our assistance is covered by a labour warranty, and the service call fee has a fixed price. So you only pay for what our plumber came to your house for. In addition to democratic prices, you can save on replacement and installation using coupons and taking different promotions. Trust your plumbing issues in our licensed hands, and we will demonstrate our skills!





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